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If you are looking to buy gold or silver, Agate Precious Metals is your go-to place. The staff here really knows their stuff and will help guide any unsure customers through the process smoothly!

The next time you’re looking for some gold or silver, I highly recommend Agate Precious Metals. They have great prices and fast delivery!

Agate Precious Metals has the best prices, hands down! I highly recommend them for your next gold and silver purchase.

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What to Do if Your Shipment is Lost or Damaged

We at Agate Precious Metals take great pride in the quality and security of every shipment. Every order is fully insured for its retail value, ensuring that if something goes wrong with your delivery we will be able to make it right! We guarantee you’ll receive a high-quality product

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We ship Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 5pm, under the “FIFO” method. Shipping time will solely be determined by how many orders are queued before yours; in case you purchase an item that was part of a pre-sale (and it starts shipping within 24 working hours), those items should reach us 3 days after your payment cleared!

Why Was My Order Cancelled?

The number one reason that orders get cancelled is because our risk management department flagged your purchase as a potential high-risk transaction. If this happens, please call us to discuss what you want do next! We also may cancel an order if there’s been an error in the listing or inventory levels at any point before shipping out goods – so let me know right away and we’ll keep things moving quickly for ya!”

Are Returns Accepted?

We hope you are satisfied with your purchase. If there is anything wrong, please contact our office within 3 days of the delivery date and we will be happy to assist in resolving it for you!

How To Buy Bullion


Step up your investment portfolio with our selection of top-of-the line bullion items. Expertly crafted and photographed, each piece allows you to diversify in a visually striking way. Shop now and take advantage of the automatic discounts when buying multiple pieces – it’s never been easier!

Agate Metals Payment Options


Give yourself peace of mind when shopping with us. Our highly secure servers employ the latest SSL encryption technology to protect your data privacy, so you can confidently complete any transaction knowing that safeguards are in place every step along the way.

Agate Metals Delivery


Depending on the size of your purchase, you may be asked to sign for receipt upon delivery. After unwrapping it from its discreet packaging, bask in the joys of becoming a precious metals owner!