100g Geiger Silver Bar “Cast”

100g Geiger Silver Bar "Cast"The Schloss Güldengossa, located in Leipzig, Germany, is a renowned precious metals trading house. The company’s stately headquarters were originally built at this site dating back before 1285 when they first began their silver trade with the world, and have recently been restored for all to see how beautiful it really looks now!

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100g Geiger Silver Bar "Cast"Geiger Edelmetalle, a German manufacturing company with over 800 years of history and experience producing precious metal products, brings us their 100-gram Geiger Security Line silver bar. The obverse is finished in pearl matte luster to highlight the pressed design of renowned Schloss Guldengossa castle along with ‘Feinsilber 999’ and ‘100g’. On the reverse, you’ll find textured LEV rhombus that will light up blue under UV or blacklight – perfect for added security! Each individual bar contains 3.215 oz (by weight) of .999 fine silver sealed off by a serial numbered label boasting ribbed edges designed to protect against manipulation.100g Geiger Silver Bar "Cast"

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Weight 629135653 oz


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