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Superior Quality and Added Security with Geiger Edelmetalle 500-gram Silver Bars

Geiger Edelmetalle, a German precious metals mint, has been known for superior quality since 1218. The 500-gram silver bars offer .999 fine silver and added security and storage options. Let’s take a closer look at the product details of this beautiful bar.

These 500-gram Silver bars display the exquisite quality Geiger Edelmetalle has been known for since 1218.

Each bar is .999 fine Silver and now features added security and storage options.

Some of the highlights of these bars include:

• Contains 500 grams (16.075 oz) of .999 fine Silver.
• Individuals will be in protective packaging. Quantities of 27 come in a hand-crafted wooded box.
• Square-shaped with ribbed edges similar to that of a coin.
• Obverse: Features a classic pressed design of the German castle, Schloss Güldengossa, is finished with a brilliant luster, and is inscribed “500 gm FEINSILBER .999”.
• Reverse: Features a textured design with repeated LEV logos. The serial number is stamped on the bar, and a black light (not included with purchase) can authenticate the bar’s purity.

The beauty in owning these bars lies in their quality and additional security features added to ensure authenticity and protection when stored or transferred abroad. The serial numbers found on each bar are unique identifiers that certify. You can rest assured knowing your investment will remain secure no matter where it goes!

Conclusion: If you are looking for an investable precious metal that provides superior quality and added security measures, look no further than Geiger Edelmetalle’s 500-gram silver bars! They display exquisite craftsmanship and provide assurance when stored or transferred abroad due to their unique serial numbers. Investing in these bars is sure to be an asset to your portfolio!

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